While many siblings experience either long or short-term rivalry, it's pretty cool to see Noah Van Sciver running in tandem with his brother Ethan as he covers "The Flash: Rebirth" #3 over at Coveredblog.

The Brothers Van Sciver definitely practice different styles. Older brother Ethan's left his mark on the likes of super heroes like Green Lantern while younger brother Noah has taken a more indie comics route on his "Blammo" series and other fare. That said, seeing Noah put his twist on his brother's cover is the kind of thing that justifies cliches like "variety is the spice of life."

Marvel's latest "Strange Tales" series seems like a suitable mainstream outlet for Noah to take a bigger stab at superhero fare, but imagine if DC created a similar new anthology with its characters? Furthermore, imagine if Ethan submitted to an indie anthology? See what you do to me Coveredblog?!

All manic fan flights of fancy aside, it really is cool to see that creators as different as the Van Scivers can carve their own sequential art destinies while still coming together for something fun.

If only my siblings blogged...

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