Noel Arthur Heimpel's queer urban fantasy webcomic Ignition Zero began way back in 2011, and after five years of drama, romance and supernatural mystery, the epic story finally came to a conclusion this year. Now, to send the series off in a big way, Heimpel is collecting the third and final volume in a softcover edition, and has launched a Kickstarter to help fund the printing.

Ignition Zero follows four friends who get caught up in a war between two rival spirits The series prides itself on being a queer fantasy story that doesn't rely on the tropes of tragedy and discrimination that often haunt LGBTQ+ focused stories, and weaves in the personal romances and friendships of the group intricately with the larger plot of spirits and faeries.

The Kickstarter is touted as being the final time that Heimpel will print collections for Ignition Zero, so if fans want to grab a physical copy, this is their last chance. Among the rewards available as part of the Kickstarter are digital and physical copies of all three volumes of Ignition Zero, original art from the webcomic and custom portraits drawn in the Ignition Zero style.

The Kickstarter for Ignition Zero runs until January 4, 2017 and as of writing is at just under half its target goal of $3,800. Following successful Kickstarters for previous volumes of the series, hopefully this project will also get full funding, and fans will be able to get their hands on the complete collection of Ignition Zero sometime in the new year.