First off, if you still haven't discovered Noelle Stevenson's hipster take on Tolkien, "The Broship of the Ring," get thee over to to her Tumblr account immediately. If you enjoyed it long before it was cool and need something else to look at, though, Stevenson just happens to have a whole heck of a lot more artwork where that came from.Much like Kate Beaton, Stevenson digs playing around with period clothing and wacky situations. And there's just something about flailing arms with boneless rag-doll elbows that makes any occasion more hilarious.

Stevenson's blog hosts piles of doodles featuring Victorian violence and zombie kids gone crazy, and for some reasons she seems to drawing holes through people. (Spoiler: She does it really well, though.) Have a look at some of her robots, cowboys and pirates below, and dive into her full archives for even more fun.