Hey, you know how you wanted to spend the next 15 minutes watching a Norwegian metal singer belting out every Power Rangers theme song from the past 20 years? No? Well, too bad, because that's what we're doing, and it's going to be awesome.

The singer in question is PelleK, who's been getting attention lately for his energetic, soaring cover songs like Frozen's "Let It Go" and Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball," but since those songs aren't about teenagers with attitude fighting monsters in a giant robot, I'm comfortable in declaring that nobody cares about them. This, however, is fantastic -- and considering that he sings every song from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers all the way up to Power Rangers Super Megaforce in one continuous shot, it's actually really impressive, too. Check out the full video below!



Admittedly, you do lose a little something when you take the songs out of their original context -- I, for instance, am particularly partial to how the theme from Power Rangers Time Force was trying so hard to sound like Blink 182 that they ended up with something that sounded like "blaaaaasting threewwwwww anoooooyther toyyyyme." Still, mashing them all up together is fun in seeing how the song changed over the years, eventually going back to the same music for Samurai and MegaForce. Ninja Storm and Jungle Fury are definite high points for how much passion PelleK is putting into it, although I think it's worth noting that he kind of loses interest for a minute during Lost Galaxy, which is an accurate summary of what happens if you actually watch Lost Galaxy.

Also, there are few things that have delighted me as much as when he busts into that rap for Operation Overdrive, and one of them is the end of the video where you get a clip of one of PelleK's own songs, where he is literally singing synth metal about wizards. Amazing.

If you'd like a more extended look at one of the classics, here's PelleK rocking the heck out with the extended version of the original Power Rangers theme. You know, the one about how "they've got the ability to morph and to even up the score"? It's rad:



He also has a Christmas album. Of course I'm buying it.

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