New Warriors #3 coverPress Release

Spinning out of the red-hot Initiative storyline, New Warriors #3 continues the adventures of the most rebellious team in the Marvel Universe! Night Thrasher, who survived Nitro's cataclysmic explosion at Stamford, now leads a group of young heroes in a fight against super villains and Tony Stark's Super Human Registration Act. But how did he survive Stamford? And just who is under that mask? Writer Kevin Grevioux and penciler Paco Medina present the next exciting chapter in the all-new, top-selling series!

Although Sofia Mantega, the ex-New Mutant known as Wind Dancer, refused the first offer of New Warriors membership by Beak, perhaps Jubilee's startling appearance will convince her to reconsider! After nearly dying in Wolverine: Origins, Jubilee hasn't been seen in some time. Where has she been? How did she meet Night Thrasher? With Jubilee on the scene, you know Wolverine can't be far behind...and he wants to find out the truth about these new heroes! As secrets are revealed, the team must consider Tony Stark's amnesty proposal and a police investigation that'll reveal some shocking secrets about the New Warriors!

Critics are raving about the first two issues of this acclaimed series; Kevin Powers of writes, "This series has a lot of potential, and I love the direction. This is an Initiative series that I recommend."

After two red-hot issues of New Warriors, there's already a lot at stake for Sofia and her potential teammates-and if Tony Stark has his way, they'll all be shut down permanently! Strap yourself in for Tony Stark's next move, the unveiling of more New Warriors members and the special guest star Wolverine!
It's all happening in New Warriors #3, bub!

Pencils by PACO MEDINA
Cover by NIC KLEIN
Rated T+...$2.99
FOC-7/12/07, On Sale-8/1/07

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