When Marvel's new U.S.Avengers, by Al Ewing, and Paco Medina, launches in January, the first issue is going to have 52 variant covers by Rod Reis, depicting an Avenger for each American State --- as well as Puerto Rico and Canada. It's unclear (if unlikely) whether the characters will have any connection to those states in the narrative, but since there will be 52 of them, most probably won't even be in the book.

Of course, many states have no Avengers to their names, so some of the choices seem pretty arbitrary. For example, Sam Wilson is the Avenger of Maryland and Steve Rogers is the Avenger of Delaware, even though both grew up in New York City. The Black Widow is the Avenger of Connecticut, despite being Russian. But you never know, Natasha might have a house in the Constitution State. After all, she'd almost certainly keep it secret if she did.

On the other hand, Beast, Spectrum, and the Winter Soldier actually are from Illinois, Louisiana, and Indiana respectively. We only have eight covers so far, but I'm curious to see which Avengers get the other states. Cannonball is the only choice for Kentucky, and the two Thors can split Oklahoma (current location of Asgard) and Minnesota (known for its Scandinavian population).

They'll probably need to include some pretty obscure Avengers, like Firebird, who I'm pretty sure is the only Marvel superhero from New Mexico. It seems like there must have been an Avenger from Texas at some point, but I can't think who it might be. The Texas Twister, as far as I know, never joined.



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