On sale later this month is Archie #617, continuing the beautifully titled "Campaign Pains" storyline that guest-stars President Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. The previous issue saw Archie Andrews and Reggie Mantle running against each other for student government and drawing the real-life politicians to Riverdale in search of explanations for some dubious photographs that appeared to be endorsements. As we discussed last month, the story by Alex Simmons and Dan Parent was not only somewhat plausible but also the best Barack Obama comic book appearance since the trend began in 2008.

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In the new issue, which hits stands January 26, political opponents Palin and Obama find common ground in their violent reaction to Archie and Reggie's treachery, and they demand satisfaction. Check out an exclusive preview after the jump, courtesy of the upstanding citizens at Archie Comics.

Archie #617

By: Alex Simmons, Dan Parent, Morelli

Type: Comics

Genres: Humor

Series: Archie

Publisher: Archie Comics

Pub. Date: January 26, 2011

When President Obama and FOX News pundit Sarah Palin arrive, Riverdale becomes the center of a national crisis! Archie and Reggie have each claimed support from one of these political powerhouses - only they don't! Now Riverdale is in chaos and when the Secret Service gets involved it only gets worse!

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