Image Comics continues its seemingly week-long Avengers marketing parody today with the latest (and most insane) supposed member of "Guardians of the Globe" today with the least likely member yet: President Barack Obama, or his comic book counterpart anyway.

Joining the feasible Invincible, the much less likely Spawn and a completely ridiculous Rick Grimes from Kirkman's "The Walking Dead," Obama rounds out the team with...executive powers I guess?

Image doesn't seem too certain that the Commander in Chief's inclusion will boost sales the way it otherwise might have during election season and shortly thereafter - you know, when he was in everything from "Youngblood" to "Veronica" - but I guess anything's worth a fictional try in today's market.

The "Guardians of the Globe" is still set to launch in August, but Image has been slow to release information regarding the upcoming title's creative team or format (will it be an ongoing? a mini? a one-shot?). Perhaps those details will be made available tomorrow? We'll be waiting.

See the full image after the jump (along with Rick's for your convenience).

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