If Alan Moore's involvement wasn't enough, Occupy Comics has added additional esteemed creator to its ranks with the news that Art Spiegelman and a host of other established talent will be contributing to the continuing political anthology.Wired had the news today that Spiegelman will be contributing a cover he'd created for the New Yorker illustrating America's "crumbling economy" way back in 2001. "I'm proud to be included in this book," Spiegelman told the magazine, adding that he believes that "Occupy is the seismograph of things to come." The magazine also has a preview of pages from the project, including a look at Ben Templesmith's "Clever."

According to the Occupy Comics blog, Spiegelman isn't the only creator to be added to the project in recent days, with All-Star Western writer Jimmy Palmiotti, cartoonist Matt Bors, activist Bill Ayers and Ryan Alexander-Tanner also signing up to contribute. Occupy Comics organizer Matt Pizzolo called the additions "really exciting," before saying that he hopes "this project will continue the Occupy conversation in the artistic forum of comics, which helped spawn aspects of the movement in the first place."

The first 36-page issue of the anthology is already available to those who pledged to the original Kickstarter, with work by the aforementioned Ben Templesmith, Molly Crabapple, Tyler Crook and JM DeMatteis among others. Additionally, the project's webstore is now taking pre-orders for the core hardcover anthology that will include the Spiegelman cover alongside work by Charlie Adlard, Michael Allred, Amanda Palmer and, of course, Alan Moore.

If you want to know more about the project, CA's Andy Khouri got more details directly from Pizzolo last year.

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