Comic-Con's preview night kicks off tomorrow evening and while it's unclear whether or not anyone is actually ready for it (namely, me), thanks to the folks behind the show, there's at least one more tool at fandom's disposal to prepare for the media event of the year.

The Official Comic-Con App helps the iPhone-inclined navigate not only the San Diego Convention Center, but also the scores of events within with maps, listings and news updates. There's also a handy search option for exhibitors, which could come in very handy for shoppers seeking exclusives and signature craving fans longing for their favorite creator's Herbie John Hancock.

Much like most of the other cool comics related iPhone apps we've mentioned, this little number is free, meaning there's zero chance of app remorse. Of course, those with weak feet and weaker hearts may not want to look too closely at the size of the convention floor.

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