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Oh Joy Sex Toy began in 2013 with a simple comic reviewing one of the most popular sex toys out there -- the Magic Wand Original, a vibrator of much renown. From there, the comic has spiraled out to cover every subject related to sex in a joyful, informative, and very funny manner.


Oh Joy Sex Toy is a long running webcomic about sex, sex toys, fetishes, and everything else a pervert could possibly be interested in (although, it should be noted, one does not need to be a pervert to enjoy this joyous take on sex).

The comic has featured dozens of guest artists over the year, covering topics as varied as… well… we’re a little more SFW on this site than they are, but take our word for it, there’s a lot covered. As the creator of Oh Joy Sex Toy, cartoonist Erika Moen has been visited porn sets, been sent dozens of toys to review, been invited to orgies, and has engaged in dozens of kinky activities, all of which are covered in the comic.


Oh Joy Sex Toy



Erika Moen is the creator and primary artist of the series, sometimes writing with her husband, Matthew Nolan. Aside from Oh Joy Sex Toy, Erika Moen is best known for her autobiographical comic Dar, and for being a member of Periscope Studio.

Guest artists on the comic have included Sicklyhypnos, Niki Smith, Reed Black, Delidah, Melanie Gillman, Molly Ostertag, Grace Allison, Terry Blas, and Lucy Bellwood.


Melanie Gillman / Oh Joy Sex Toy



Sex is something that’s important. It’s also something almost no one talks about. But Oh Joy Sex Toy doesn’t just talk about sex, it depicts it --- with varied bodies and genders and groups of people, reflecting what the actual sex life of real people is like. It even covers those who don’t have any interest in sex at all! Sex is something we should be able to talk about, and Moen, Nolan and their guests do their best to make this conversation as fun and friendly as possible.


Oh Joy Sex Toy



To be quite honest, most people should read this comic. As a whole, we’re pretty uninformed about sex in all its various wonder and weirdness. This comic isn’t just helpful to see what things you might like (or find icky); it will also expose you to ideas and viewpoints you maybe have never considered before.

If you're open minded enough to not get squicked out while reading this article, you should at least give Oh Joy Sex Toy a try.


Oh Joy Sex Toy



The webcomic is available completely for free at ohjoysextoy.com. As you might expect, it is not safe for work.

You can become a patron of the comic over at Patreon, and collected editions are published by Limerence Press, available from all good book stores.