On paper, it seems like there are a lot of reasons to be suspicious of IDW's Ghostbusters comics. As much as that company's done really well by its licensed properties, there's so much of Ghostbusters that doesn't feel like it would translate well to comics, that's all tied up in being a movie and carried by the charisma and delivery of the actors. In practice, though, Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening have somehow managed to take everything that is Ghostbusters, from the movies to the video game, and make an expanded universe that works beautifully.

But if you want to see how well it works for yourself, now is your chance: This week's Humble Bundle has a whole bunch of Ghostbusters stuff, and you can pick up everything they've got on offer for fifteen bucks.



One of the great things about the ongoing series is how well it builds on the universe that's presented in the movies, and then developed in other places like the cartoon and the video games. It's a plot point at the start of the series, for instance, that they've fought the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man on multiple occasions --- and that Stay-Puft stock takes a nose-dive every time their mascot tries to smother Manhattan.

Plus, there's great character work going on here. Winston gets the development that he never got in the movies, and by the time the second ongoing series starts, there are enough characters for a whole new team of Ghostbusters:



Unlike most of my Humble Bundle recommendations, you can get everything that I'd give the highest stamp of approval to at the "pay more than the average" level, but let's be real, here: If you're paying $12 anyway, you might as well go for the full $15 to see what happens in that X-Files crossover, right? Right.

The Ghostbusters Humble Bundle runs through June 15.