As evidenced by its Comic-Con announcements, Portland's Oni Press has plenty to offer fans through the coming year. But no matter how much a reader digs the publisher's upcoming catalog, one new superfan is set on absorbing new Oni content before anyone else: CBS TV Studios.

According to Deadline, Oni (and its multimedia arm Closed on Mondays Entertainment) have signed a new first-look deal with CBS that gives them the potential to pick up new comic projects for TV. Given Universal's faith in "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World," and the half-dozen or so other major motion picture projects already in the works from Oni titles, this seems like a pretty rational move for a network known for "Two and a Half Men" and "CSI: Miami."No details regarding specific series being adapted to TV have cropped up yet, but if this deal means fandom is closer to a "Stumptown" action series or a "Super Pro K.O. " cartoon, then CBS could definitely be making inroads with an enthusiastic new demographic.

[Via Deadline]