We've been pretty intrigued by Charles Soule and artist Alberto Alburquerque's upcoming sci-fi drama Letter 44 since snagging a black and white variant of the first issue at SDCC this past summer, but it seems publisher Oni Press has plenty left to show us on the road to the book's October release. On top of sending CA a press kit complete with promo materials and a cryptic signed letter from the (fictional) President of the United States of America, they sent our senses sailing straight to space camp by including Astronaut ice cream.

Since the book was initially announced at Emerald City Comicon in the spring, Oni's de-classified the book's basic plot while leaving plenty of mystery around the title. What we know so far? A newly elected President Stephen Blades has read a letter left for him by the last commander-in-chief and learns that there's a crew 150,000,000 miles from Earth on a ship called The Clarke investigating what's very likely a giant alien weapon headed to wipe out humankind. It's... a pretty horrible way to start a new gig, but Oni's hoping fans dig the ongoing's human element.

You can scope out the contents of Oni's Letter 44 press kit, complete with Blades' official letter to The Clarke's crew, below.


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