Sean T. Collins has an incredible interview about the history of Marvel Comics over at Maxim, of all places, with an insane line-up of comic book superstars like Stan Lee, Joe Simon, John Romita Jr, Jim Steranko, Gary Groth, Chris Claremont, Marv Wolfman, Walt Simonson, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Frank Miller, Brian K. Vaughan, Mark Millar and Todd MacFarlane dropping by to talk about the biz.

It's an impressive oral history straight from the mouths of the men that created and shaped the business, and a highly quotable one. My favorite line comes from BKV, talking about the difference between Marvel and DC Comics:

Brian K. Vaughan: Marvel and DC are my divorced mom and dad. DC is my stable, loving, nurturing mom. Marvel is my weird dad who lives in a condo and doesn't know how to cook, but he'll let you stay up until three in the morning watching RoboCop 2.

(Via Bam Kapow)