It's long been rumored that there was an alternate ending to the original 1990 "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" adaptation, but despite countless stateside DVD and Blu-ray releases and special editions, fans of the Heroes in a Half Shell have never had a chance to see how things might've turned out for Leonardo and the boys (and yet have somehow managed to move on with their lives). [cue dramatic voice]...until now.

While some of you may call yourselves die-hard Turtle fanatics, you don't hold a candle to Slashfilm reader "Luis R," who's managed to get his hands on a German version of the DVD containing the alternate end. And to show that he is a force of benevolence among TMNT fans, our man Luis has posted the clip along with some very thorough thoughts and questions regarding the scene. Be sure to catch it now before the YouTube police come a'removin'.As most fans will quickly notice with a chuckle, the alternate ending takes April O'Neil into the offices of a big New York City comic book publisher (side note, all comic book editors look and act EXACTLY like that guy in the scene) where the idea for a comic based on the Turtles is shot down for being "too far fetched." Anyone with even a slight knowledge of TMNT lore knows the Turtles played a major role in the underground comix renaissance of the early 1980s, going on to become a multi-billion dollar phenomenon and cultural icons for several generations of fans.

Viewers will also notice that the alternate ending is, well, kinda stupid, which makes it easy to understand why this was kept under wraps for so long (or at least given to the Germans, who let's face it, aren't known for comedy).

[Via Slashfilm]