Earlier today, we broke the news that The Ray will be joining Steve Orlando and Ivan Reis' upcoming Justice League of America ongoing with a one-shot by Orlando and Stephen Byrne but Ray Terrill won't be alone. Throughout today at various outlets and on DC's own website, the publisher has announced the new Justice League of America line-up featuring some fan-favorite characters getting their moment in the sun!


Jamal Campbell


It was announced at CBR that Orlando will co-write a Justice League of America: Vixen one-shot with Faith's Jody Houser and upcoming Prowler artist Jamal Campbell. Vixen was most recently a member of the team during Dwayne McDuffie's highly underrated run in the late '00s, and like The Ray has starred in her own animated series on CW Seed.


Ivan Reis, Joe Prado & Marcelo Maiolo


Gamespot Universe (formerly Comic Vine) announced that Ryan Choi AKA The Atom will also be joining the team in a one-shot by Orlando and an artist to be named later. Ryan Choi was originally announced as a future member of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's incarnation of the team once they moved past the so-called "Big Seven" members, but he did not reappear until this year's DC Universe Rebirth #1.


Ivan Reis, Joe Prado & Marcelo Maiolo


Newsarama announced that the fourth member of the Justice League of America will be a left-field candidate, the reformed villain Killer Frost, who will first appear in a one shot by Orlando, Houser and Mirka Andolfo. Killer Frost's story sees the villain due for parole from the Suicide Squad, if she can get past Amanda Waller.

It's interesting to note that all four heroes announced for the team are in one way or another affiliated with The CW's slate of superhero programming, even if it's just in name in the case of The Atom.

Justice League of America will spin-out of the upcoming Justice League v Suicide Squad crossover, and starts with four one-shots before launching in February at a twice-monthly schedule.