If you love a good Bat-Family crossover, you’re in luck, as later this year Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo will take over three ongoings for Batman: Night of the Monster Men, which sees the classic Batman foes updated for the modern day and turned into giant kaiju-like beings which are set to wreak havoc on Gotham City.

Announced in an interview with Steve Orlando at GameSpot, the crossover will take place in Batman, Detective Comics, and Nightwing, as the Batman Family comes together to face off against the impossible odds of giant monsters attacking the city.

The Monster Men go way back to 1940’s Batman #1 by Bill Finger, Jerry Robinson and Bob Kane, where they were Arkham Asylum inmates artificially grown to ten-foot tall monsters by Dr. Hugo Strange. They reappeared in 2006 when Matt Wagner retold the classic story in the limited series Batman and The Monster Men as part of a trend of updating early Batman stories, which also included Ed Brubaker and Doug Mahnke’s The Man Who Laughs.

A crossover event this early in DC’s Rebirth initiative seems a little peculiar, especially with a completely separate creative team covering all three books. It’s possible that Rebirth’s commitment to double-shipping is catching up to the creative teams, and the crossover is a way to give them a headstart on their next stories.

The crossover begins with Batman #7 this September, runs through to Nightwing #5 and Detective Comics #941, and continues into October. Check out the interview at Gamespot for more on the crossover and a look at Riley Rossmo’s gorgeously disturbing designs for the Monster Men.



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