One of the great all-time masters of manga, "Astro Boy" creator Osamu Tezuka has certainly helped create his share of legendary anime series as well. But until Dash Shaw pointed it out at Comics Comics, I was unaware that Tezuka had made an X-Rated animated film about Cleopatra ( a.k.a. "Kureopatora"). But he has! The 1970 film was released in America as "Cleopatra: Queen of Sex." A NSFW fansubbed version is also up on Youtube in its entirety. And it's incredibly weird. Even the fansubbers warn that "some artistic liberties have been taken to ensure the story makes some sort of f--king sense."

The movie kicks off with some Star Trek-esque live action footage of people walking around a space station, except that their faces -- only their faces -- are animated, and a man explains that aliens something something, so they're all going to send their spirits back in time to the age of Cleopatra, where everything looks like a less musical and slightly more obscene version of "The Emperor's New Groove," and Julius Caesar is inexplicably colored green.

The first part that I've embedded in the post is pretty PG (except for a brief moment of nipple-free cleavage) but it quickly becomes mature audience only (and NSFW) in Part 2, and consistent nudity and general insanity await throughout the rest of the movie.

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