Cartoon Network's got a pretty nice-looking rebooted ThunderCats series on the way, but for fans of a certain age, there'll always be a fondness for the original series in all its Snarfy glory. Like a lot of cartoons from the '80s, the quality of the T-Cats' adventures varied wildly from episode to episode, but its awesome opening sequence inspired fans to absorb whatever radness/nonsense followed it with glee. Capitalizing on this nostalgia, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon staged a live action visit from a "cabaret show" Panthro earlier this week. Naturally, it ruled. See Panthro perform the classic ThunderCats theme song with The Roots and two dancing ladies after the jump.Being occasional singers here at CA, whoever played the part of Panthro for this has our utmost respect.

The original ThunderCats opening:

[Via Super Punch]