Jimmy Fallon --- late night talk show host and guy who definitely hogs the microphone at karaoke and probably jumps up to "duet" with people who weren't actually looking to sing a duet right now, thanks, Jimmy --- likes to play party games and parlor games on his Tonight Show show. On last night's Tonight Show show he played a game of musical chairs with three important additions; beer, Thor, and Wolverine. And no chairs.

It wasn't the real Thor and Wolverine, of course, but it was the realest Thor and Wolverine we have; Chris Hemsworth, who was probably rehearsing in the next studio for tomorrow's Saturday Night Live, and Hugh Jackman, who was on the show to promote Chappie, the third movie in his unofficial pathetic robot trilogy (with Real Steel and Les Miserables. Spoiler: Cosette is an android who dreams a dream of electric sheep with voices soft as thunderrrrr).

There were mullet wigs, presumably because of Jackman's Chappie character, but also because mullets just show up around Australians. There were some people you know from Saturday Night Live. (I'll find out who they were when they show up in a Judd Apatow-adjacent movie). Also on hand was Tonight Show bandleader Questlove, who chose the worst, worst possible track for a musical chairs game, a version of "Bang Bang" with weird slow-down-and-speed-up moments that frankly ruined everything.

I choose to blame Questlove for the fact that Jackman was the second person booted out of the game, and Hemsworth lost to some weird logistical confusion that Fallon rudely exploited to win a game in his own house. And thus we live in a world where Jimmy Fallon bested Thor and Wolverine --- two of comics' hardest-drinking heroes --- in a drinking game. It's a disaster; a portent that we surely live in the worst of all the multiple realities.

Thankfully there was good news this morning, as Marvel editor Tom Brevoort confirmed that our reality, Earth 1218, has already been destroyed in the current multiversal collapse leading up to Secret Wars.





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