Since 1978 fans around the globe have been blasting away at the pixelated aliens of Taito's Space Invaders and its numerous sequels and re-makes. Like most classic arcade games, the title is more about fundamental gameplay and strategy than story, meaning few (if any) took a breath from blasting their falling foes to ponder their motivations. Artist Ehud Lavski breaks the cycle of war with one possible narrative behind the lives of Earth's enemies in a new comic, "The Invader," and the results are... emotional, to say the least.In Lavski's comic, Invaders lead lives much like our own. They're born, raised, experience rebellious phases in their teens and sometimes make rash decisions as they navigate the trappings associated with coming-of-age. You can read the full comic at Lavski's recently-launched Tumblr. So far it's the only full story he's posted, but hopefully more will follow soon.

[Via El Comics]

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