If you've never heard of R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet, you are missing out on a cultural event of epic and (perhaps unintentionally) hilarious proportions. Described by Kelly as a "hip hopera," it's a series of songs and corresponding videos telling the story Sylvester (played by Kelly), who engages in a one night stand that turns into a seemingly never ending story of sex, lies, adulterous midgets hiding under kitchen sinks, and all sorts of crazy s**t, and features a set of characters that includes a midget named Big Man, a cop mockingly referred to as "LL Fool J," and a character named Pimp Lucius (Also R. Kelly, who plays four different characters, one of whom is a reverend. That's right: A man once accused of urinating on an under-aged girl plays a pimp AND a reverend in this thing). Oh, and Kelly consistently rhymes "closet" with... "closet". It's amazing, guys.

Anyway, one of the stars of the series is The Wire's Michael K. Williams, and he's teamed up with Kagan McLeod (Infinite Kung Fu) to show you the side of Trapped in the Closet you haven't seen: The Wrap Parties. As you can see above, they occasionally feature Kelly flipping burgers in the back of a McDonalds.You can check the whole thing out at Vulture's site, but if you still aren't certain it's worth your time, here's Drevon Cooks, who plays Big Man, seemingly drunk and dancing on a table:

And here he is falling into a cake, as Kelly and friends cheer him on:


And for the uninitiated, here's Chapter 1 (of 23!) of Trapped in the Closet, which debuted in 2005 and is, improbably, still happening:

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