Roger Langridge and Ken Wheaton's current Popeye series at IDW has delivered reverential tales with a classic tone that suits traditional fans. Genndy Tartakovsky is working on a 3D CG animated Popeye feature film with Avi and Ari Arad for Sony that will probably be aimed at a new generation of young fans. For Michael Valentine of Valentine Productions, the name of the game is digging into the sailor man's backstory as a brawler. The director and star of his Popeye The Sailor fan film, Valentine sees the titular hero defend himself against a slighted Bluto-like foe armed with nothing but his anchor-tattooed arms and fists of fury. Interestingly, he handles the confrontation without the aid of spinach. Maybe he didn't depend on the dietary supplement as a younger man? The fan film is billed as a trailer, so there's a good chance fans may see more of Valentine's take on the hero. See what you think of Valentine's Popeye homage after the cut.