In stores now is 47 Ronin #1, the first issue of a miniseries from Dark Horse. A retelling of one of the most famous tales in Japanese culture, the story is written by Dark Horse president Mike Richardson and illustrated by Stan Sakai, the Eisner award winning creator of Usagi Yojimbo. Sakai's work on 47 Ronin has necessitated that he take a brief hiatus from working on Usagi Yojimbo, and according to this cartoon by the famed artist, Usagi is far from pleased.

On Dark Horse's website now is a four page story by Sakai featuring him being approached by a very angry Usagi, who demands to know why his creator is suddenly taking time off from the book he's worked on for nearly 30 years, and why these "real people" he's drawing are in any way superior to him (Hint: They have five fingers).

For the full story, and to see how Sakai survives a confrontation with an angry, anthropomorphic samurai rabbit, head over to Dark Horse's website.

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