In case you don't have it written on your calendar, May 4 kicks off Children's Book Week, which means that it's time once again to decorate the Children's Book Tree, carve up a turkey with a copy of Watership Down and, of course, send your sweetheart a lovely children's bookentine. Or... or maybe you should buy books for kids? Yeah, it's probably that one.

Fortunately, the folks over at Humble Bundle have made it very easy: For the next two weeks, they're offering up a whole lot of comics that are great for younger readers on their usual pay-what-you want setup, including books from Archie, Dark Horse, Image and more --- including an amazing full-color Usagi Yojimbo original graphic novel by Stan Sakai.


Humble Bundle Kids Books


There are a lot of great comics included in the bundle, but for me, the biggest draw is definitely Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai, which is part of the "Pay More Than The Average" tier that's currently under ten bucks. Considering that it's a 58-page standalone adventure that was previously only available in hardcover, which finds everyone's favorite rabbit samurai dealing with the forces of the supernatural, it's the kind of thing that makes the entire bundle a steal no matter how old you are.

In addition to getting some great comics, this particular bundle also supports one of our favorite charities, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and Every Child A Reader, the literacy program responsible for organizing Children's Book Week. There's enough variety in here to engage virtually any young reader, so head over and check it out!

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