Following yesterday's announcement of Age of Ultron by Brian Michael Bendis and artists Bryan Hitch, Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco, Marvel has debuted some additional interior preview art from the upcoming event at CBR. The biggest highlight? None other than a surprising cameo by the long-in-limbo ROM: Spaceknight on a bulletin board covered in head shots of prominent Marvel heroes and villains (although ROM looks a bit more like Tatsunoko's Tekkaman: The Space Knight). The image follows last week's news that Hasbro (licensee of Marvel toys) has registered for a ROM trademark for a possible relaunched toy line inspired by Bing McCoy's original 1979 creation. Marvel has given CA an official "no comment" regarding the character's seeming return to its comic book universe, but the image certainly gives fans of the publisher's beloved stories by Bill Mantlo, Sal Buscema and many more reason to hope for reprints and new stories... If they wind up changing his name to "Ron" and giving him a mustache, however, I'll be extremely conflicted.

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[Via CBR]

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