Titan Comics has had great success with its Doctor Who comics of recent years, and with so many incarnations of the time-travelling adventurer to choose from, there are so many stories to be told. This August sees another legendary iteration get their own solo comic spotlight as The Third Doctor gets his own series.

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #1 sees the return of fan-favorite Doctor Who scribe Paul Cornell, who in the past has written episodes of the modern series including "Father's Day" and "The Family of Blood" two-parter. Joining him on the jaunt through time is Christopher Jones, perhaps best known for his work on animated adaptations such as Young Justice and The Batman Strikes.

The Third Doctor was played by Jon Pertwee, who starred in over 120 episodes during a unique time in The Doctor's life where he was confined to 20th century Earth and worked alongside the British military organisation UNIT. The new series delves right into the thick of it during this era and features fan-favorite characters such as Jo Grant and The Brigadier as they work together face off against terrifying invader, while a familiar face awaits them at home...

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #1 will ship with five covers, including a photo cover and a blank sketch variant. Check them out --- plus an unlettered page by Christopher Jones, Rodney Ramos and Rodrigo Fernandes --- below.


Photo Variant


Paul McCaffrey


Simon Myers


Christopher Jones, Rodney Ramos and Rodrigo Fernandes


Doctor Who: The Third Doctor by Paul Cornell, Christopher Jones, Rodney Ramos and Rodrigo Fernandes will be released August 31st, and available both digitally and in local comic book stores.