If you missed the release of author Alan Goldsher's zombie-themed The Beatles parody, Paul is Undead, this past summer you've still got plenty of time to check out his horror-tinged, satirical prose. But what's more? None other than Incredible Change-Bots and Funny Mishappen Boy creator Jeffrey Brown lent his pen to the novel, unleashing all manner of gore upon Goldsher's supernatural retelling of the musical British Invasion of the '60s. This unholy team-up has already left scads of satisfied surviving readers in its wake, leading to the announcement of Goldsher's next book, a vampiric retelling of The Sound of Music tentatively titled My Favorite Fangs. After the jump, you can sample of Brown's ghoulish illustrations from Undead, which could likely leaving you longing for Fangs.

In the novel, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney behave badly zombie-style under the watchful composure of drummer and ninja lord Ringo Starr. Despite his best efforts, however, there seems to be plenty of carnage to go around, which are doubly detailed thanks to Brown's talent for textures.

Meet the (incredibly violent) Beatles below:

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