Artist Paul Pope took a paragraph-long excerpt from Frank Herbert's epic sci-fi novel "Dune" and expanded it into a comics page that looks an awful lot like the newspaper-sized "Wednesday Comics" Pope was working on recently for DC. He explains:

I wanted to try applying the lessons learned from the Wednesday Comics experience to a different subject, here finding a source which would be difficult to illustrate as a page of comics, given that there is very little suggested action. I find that with the format of Wednesday Comics (which is really the traditional Sunday Comics page), one must condense the plot and action to the briefest yet most vivid bursts of information available

While we're all accustomed to rooting for the hero, Pope says that this vignette illustrates the dark warning within the story "Dune": "Beware of charismatic heroes. When entrusted with great power, they can do great damage to a civilization."

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