Graphic novelist Paul Pope has been busy of late. He released two graphic novels in 2013: Battling Boy and The Death of Haggard West, and another, The Rise of Aurora West, is on the way in September.

And yet the prolific artist found the time to work with film director and writer Sridhar Reddy on a brand new short film, 7x6x2, based on one of Pope's graphic novellas. The story is sort of a sci-fi Western, a bit of a take on the effects of war, and absolutely full of nefarious, ape-like creatures. The 12-minute film was posted on the Tribeca Film Festival website, which also has art from the novella, concept sketches, and behind-the-scenes photos.

Pope and Reddy are reportedly working on a full-length feature based on Pope's 1997 graphic novel, The One-Trick Rip-off.