It's pretty common knowledge that as an artist drafts and redrafts on the way to a final product, certain images are bound to be left on the cutting room floor, so to speak. When the artist is Paul Pope and the final product is 2007's Eisner Award-winning "Batman 100," however, it's common knowledge that you really, really want to see it.

That's why when Pope posted this unused cover image on his blog Sunday morning under the title "Light Rails," I felt compelled to share it.

While this image lacks the color-stylings from "Batman 100" provided by José Villarrubia, it manages to pack in the kinetic lines that won the book two Eisners. Look at those boots! The tread is practically alive and breathing!

Given the Elseworlds series is set in the future and probably won't be on the list of places Batman traverses in Grant Morrison's "Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne," it's still nice to see more of the 2039's Dark Knight doing his thing.

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