San Diego Comic-Con comes but once a year, but when it does it brings good cheer I usually do my best to track down anyone I can who is involved with the Power Rangers. What can I say? Tokusatsu, original or localized, is just my jam like that. That's why when Shout Factory! notified me that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers stars Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy (a.k.a. Bulk and Skull) would be on hand to discuss the 20th anniversary of the American version of the Super Sentai series and its corresponding MMPR: The Complete Series DVD box set, I cleared my schedule to meet up with the duo.

My conversation with the pair yielded a lot of fun info about their experiences working on various Power Rangers series over the years and will give their fans some insights into what they've both got cooking these days. Both men are still acting, among other creative endeavors, with Schrier appearing in the recently wrapped Power Rangers Super Samurai and Narvy now a Ph.D teaching theater at Concordia University, Chicago and performing around the country. I didn't manage to uncover any details about the upcoming Power Rangers Megaforce series, but I did get to meet MMPR's Black Ranger, Walter Jones in the middle of the interview. It was serendipitous, man.

You can watch the full conversation below, just don't blame me if Bulk and Skull's theme music is stuck in your head the rest of the day.

Note: Video contains mildly NSFW language toward the end


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