The Adventure Time comic by Ryan North, Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb came out this week, the latest sign of success for the Cartoon Network show. But just in case you were worried that Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward was content to rest on his laurels and bask in Finn and Jake's success, take heart: There's art for his next project already going up at Cartoon Hangover.

It's called Bravest Warriors, it focuses on "four 16 year-old heroes for hire warping around galaxies, saving cute alien worlds with their emotions," and it looks awesome.The team first showed up in 2009 in a series of shorts on Nickelodeon's Random! Cartoons:

New art appeared online last October on a promotional postcard drawn by Ward that laid out what I assume is going to be a central conflict of the series:

I think we've all been on that farty planet at one time or another, unable to share our true feeilngs despite the power of our chunky spacesuits.

Since then, they've been offering up more refined designs and concept art from artists Phil Rynda, Romney Caswell, Steven Sugar and show-runner Breehn Burns, including a more detailed look at a few of the characters. First up was the "super-dang lovable" Wallow:

Next, Beth Tezuka, whose hover pants and love of punching are pretty clear signs that she might've been named for the legendary creator of Astro Boy:

And then there's Chris, who I'm just going to go ahead and assume is the raddest guy on the team, based purely on his name:

There's a ton of other neat stuff, too, like concept art for cities and the team's Asteroid Hideout...

...complete with a cutaway that reveals a hilariously large room devoted to storing the loot a team of enterprising teens can acquire from galactic adventuring:

There are even gang signs hand signals for the team:

What excited me the most, however was the Bravest Warriors Pledge:

I'll be honest, folks: I am a dude who loves teen drama, space adventure, punching and the glory of love, so this whole thing has me pretty excited.

For more, check out Cartoon Hangover's Bravest Warriors page, and keep an eye out for the debut of the show soon!

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