While mainstream paranoia points to 2012 as the year the world ends, fans of storied cartoonist Peter Bagge know the whole thing already went down five years years back in the pages of Dark Horse's "Apocalypse Nerd." Such knowledge could soon expand exponentially if Tupaq Felber is successful in bringing his six-part live action adaptation of the series to the BBC under the modified title "Wasted."

According to io9, Felber's directing and producing full speed ahead with the goal of bringing British viewers Bagge's comedic vision of what's to come. Here's the project's official synopsis, which seems to align just fine with the original comic.

"A new 6 episode comedy-drama, exploring the edges of genre and style with the unique voice that distinguishes the best of television today. WASTED is the story of Douglas and Gordon, two friends battling their quarter-life crisis, who come home from a weekend in the woods to find the world has come to an end. WASTED is an adaptation of the Dark Horse Comic's (300, Hellboy, 30 Days of Night), 'Apocalypse Nerd' by Peter Bagge, produced exclusively for British TV. Weird, funny, heartwarming and then a bit more weird. WASTED is to Cult British TV what global annihilation is to human kind: the next big thing."

Check out the trailer after the jump to see if you think it should get picked up by the BBC.

[Via io9]

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