Writer Peter David is, thankfully, recovering well from the stroke that he suffered while on vacation in Flordia, with his wife reporting that he is slowly regaining movement on the right side of his body and undergoing rehab. She also has some suggestions for how fans can help with David's medical costs, if they so wish.Kathleen David has been updating the fans on Peter's progress daily since the stroke on her personal blog and Peter's own site, and today posted not only an update on Peter's progress - He is not only undergoing physical therapy, but also (somewhat impressively) revising scripts on X-Factor - but also a response to those who have been asking how they can help with his recovery and medical costs:

Even though we have health insurance we have co-pays and the like. And since this stroke fell at the end of the year, we have all the new co-pays to deal with (I can honestly see those of you who have had to deal with this nodding your heads). And there are things that the insurance company just won't cover (more head nodding). So we are at the beginning of what is going to be a very expensive year even though we are only 4 days in.

The most direct way is to buy his books from Crazy 8 Press or from Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites. These are books that he gets the money from directly and the most per book.

The Crazy 8 titles, five in total, are Pulling Up Stakes Part 1 and Pulling Up Stakes Part 2, a two-part novel that satirizes the vampire pop culture trend even as it feeds off it; The Camelot Papers, a retelling of the Camelot myth from a modern perspective; and the first two books in the science-fiction Hidden Earth series, Darkness of the Light and Height of the Depths. One reason that the titles published by Crazy 8 Press are especially helpful to David's costs is that he is one of the co-founders and co-owners of the company.

Kathleen added:

If you already have these or can't purchase them for whatever reason, you can still help us a lot by getting word out all over the Internet about how they can help Peter. I am asking every blogger and people who have access to an audience to spread the word.

The more we sell of these books, the easier it will be for us to pay the bills as they start to pour in. Buying his other books does help but that is very long term and isn't much per books but it does help especially the Marvel graphic novels he has written.

She also mentions the possibility of a donate button being added to Peter's site, although that is apparently merely in the early discussion stages. All five of the Crazy 8 books are available digitally through Amazon's Kindle store and Barnes & Noble's Nook store. The Crazy 8 Press site is here.

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