Batman's movie and TV adaptations have had varying degrees of success over the years, but one aspect of the DC Comics franchise that has been almost universally good for the past five decades or so has been the music.

As if to prove it, the Piano Guys -- a duo consisting of a pianist and a cellist (shouldn't they be the Piano and Electric Cello Guys?) -- have taken three iconic Batman themes, arranged them for their own instruments, and mashed them up in a really creative and compelling way. Not only that, they put it all in an absolutely beautifully shot video.

There's so much to look at and listen to in this video. Look at those CGI sets! They look just like the Batman '66 Batcave, a Tim Burton Gotham City alley, the City Hall steps of The Dark Knight Rises, and a picturesque Gotham rooftop. Those batmobiles are super cool. And look, their instruments and costumes change to match the scenes! They got different pianos and cellos to be more Batman-adaptation-appropriated. That is commitment.

And then there's the music. Neal Hefti's theme to the 1966 Batman TV show transitions beautifully into Danny Elfman's 1989 Batman theme, and then things flow into the Hans Zimmer music from the Christopher Nolan movies. It all blends together so well, and the last 30 seconds or so are a wonderful mix of all three.

The only thing I wish the piece had was a nod to Elfman and Shirley Walker's Batman: The Animated Series themes, which may be my favorite of all. Maybe next time, guys?

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