Pigs and airships? No, it's not a new Miyazaki movie -- it's Pigs Might Fly, a new graphic novel, written by Eisner Award-Winning Laika cartoonist Nick Abadzis, and drawn by cartoonist Jerel Dye, coming from First Second in 2016.

According to a summary provided to ComicsAlliance by First Second, Pigs Might Fly is a steampunk tale of high adventure on the grand Pigdom Plains, "a world where science and magic exist alongside one another, of old beliefs versus new, of politics and personalities, of two power blocks confronting one another in a violent prelude to war."

The book follows the adventures of Lily, an aircraft aficionado, in what First Second describes as "a story of high adventure and winning one's place in the greater scheme of things, of unlikely friendships and impossible dreams, of the clash of generations, of rebellion, of perseverance and self-belief, against all the odds."

Abadzis is of course best known for his 2007 graphic novel Laika, a heartwrenching story of the life and death of the first dog launced into orbital spaceflight. Dye is less well known in comics circles -- so far, his work has been limited to anthologies and self-published minicomics -- but he has a particularly deft and detailed touch with intricate machinery, and Abadzis describes Dye as "an extraordinary talent, as much a designer as he is a deft worker of ink lines."

Pigs Might Fly concept art:



Pigs Might Fly will be out from First Second in 2016.