Superman and General Zod may be the primary brawlers in Man of Steel, but Square Enix isn't stopping at a mere two Kryptonians in its deluxe Play Arts Kai line. Following the release of the Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon toys will be new figures of Jor-El and Faora, bearing the likenesses of actors Russell Crowe and Antje Traue.

Posted by Square Enix's Hidemi Matsuzuka, the figures will follow the PAK line's usual format with sculpts standing around 9.5" tall. Detailed images of each figure's expected display bases and alternate heads/hands/weapons pieces haven't arrived online just yet, but Jor-El will come armed with a Kryptonian rifle, and Faora will be equipped with her stabbin' blade. It wouldn't be surprising if Faora also came with a swappable helmeted head like Zod.

No word on when these likely $80-ish toys will arrive, but considering Supes and Zod aren't expected until August, fans can expect to wait until later in 2013 to pick these up.




[Via Tomopop]