Like the younger April O'Neil on Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CG animated series, Nickelodeon's new teenage Casey Jones is a little different from the original sporting good themed antihero. I mean, he's not wearing sweatpants, for one. The core of the character seems to be intact, however, as he's a rebellious bruiser with a code of honor who has already said things like "I’m the last guy you see before you wake up in the hospital," while rocking a hockey goaltender mask and swinging around a baseball bat. Playmates has stayed in synch with the new show and revealed their upcoming 2014 action figure take on the character and from the looks of things, it's packed with all the detail and accessories Jones fans have come to expect.

Revealed as part of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan Club promotion, the new figure seems somewhat light on articulation, but bigger on accessories. About five points of articulation seem cemented by the photo, but there's a chance the toy's knees and waist will be articulated and provide some additional posing power.

On the accessory side, Jones is pictured with a hockey stick, a bat and straps to store them in. His skates don't seem like they'll be able to convert back to bladeless shoes like in Nickelodeon's official character sheet we saw over the summer and there's no sign of the character's new spray paint cans, but it's possible things could change between now and its retail release.

See what you think of the upcoming Casey Jones action figure below.