As much as we all love Ash and his Japanese source character Satoshi, there's a certain charm about Pokémon's generic playable trainer, Red. After all, even though he stars in a number of manga including Pokémon Adventures and the recent Pokémon Origins anime, Red is meant to represent you, the player. Take that and shape it in the 3.75" tall Nendoroid chibi style and you've got an action figure that may be among the very best (like no toy ever was).

Packed with the nonposable versions of the original three starter pocket monsters Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, the Red figure looks fit to face any given Gym. Should the toy be taken through tall grass, it's covered with a removable backpack, a Pokédex and a Master Ball. Such adventures will surely inspire a range of emotions, which should suit fans just fine as the toy comes equipped with three facial expressions, four swappable hands and five different arm poses.

Collectors in Japan will have access to the toy through the official Pokémon Centers and their Amazon counterpart, but fans in North America will likely have to turn to collector sites to catch this elusive figure for what'll likely be a higher price than its native ¥4,500 ($44.34 USD).

You can take a look at the upcoming Nendoroid Red from Good Smile Company, below.