Usually, when someone takes a poll to find out someone's preferences for Pokémon, they tend to use adjectives along the lines of "favorite," or maybe even "cute." What you do not usually hear is someone asking which Pokémon is the most handsome, which I assume is largely because that's a very difficult standard to apply to, say, a chandelier with a face on it, or whatever Diglett is supposed to be. But that didn't stop someone from asking, and now, we have an answer that I don't think anyone was prepared for.

According to Anime News Network, a poll among college students discovered that Mewtwo ranks as the most handsome Pokémon. This is a fact that you know now. We know it together, and neither of us will forget it.

If I had to guess, I'd say that his handsomeness is down to his piercing stare, well-defined pecs, and shapely hips, but who even knows? I mean, honestly, as soon as you think you know why it's Mewtwo, it turns out that second and third place went to Lugia, a giant white bird that admittedly looks like it's coming in for a big hug, and Charizard, a literal dragon who is partially on fire. As weird as it is to apply "handsome" to Pokémon to start with, the results have a pattern that I can't even begin to figure out.

Besides, we all know it's actually Snorlax.


Snorlax, more handsome


Look at that guy. He's adorable! So sleepy! So happy! He's a very handsome young man, and no poll will tell me otherwise.