In the vast expanses of the multiverse, there is a world where Scott Free and Big Barda, as well as Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, don't fear showing a little affection in public. A window into that world exists in the artwork of Polly Guo, who goes by the handle kisaru on deviantART.
From Batman and Plastic Man roaming alley and getting their crime-fight on to Superman just kicking back and looking thoughtful, Guo draws some elegant little poses, a few of which just happen to contain playful-to-downright-NSFW smooches. Others, like her Pokémon/Sherlock Holmes crossover, are all business.

Even Guy Gardner gets in touch with his romantic side in Guo's gallery o' love, and whether you subscribe to her liberal interpretation of Ted and Booster's relationship or not, you should still be able to laugh at her lively use of Skeets in a Rockwell-ish pictures of the two pals dining. Check it out along with a few other pieces we liked below.

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