When we first caught Mike McCraw's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger fan animated shorts featuring the Pink and Black Rangers, we hoped upon hope that he'd follow through on his pledge to animate the entire team. As fate would have it, the artist has completed yet another installment, this time focusing on the Blue Ranger a.k.a. Billy Cranston. As with the first two action-filled shorts, Putty Patrollers (and other creators) are put through the ringer via a variety of familiar-yet-fresh combat moves by one of their favorite teens with attitude. The timing of these shorts is particularly nostalgic as Shout! Factory collects the series' earliest seasons and Nickelodeon prepares to release Power Rangers Megaforce for a new generation of kids (...and, you know, slightly older tokusatsu fans). All the goodness has me impatient to see the animator's next shorts for the Red, Yellow and Green Rangers... and beyond? Scope out McCraw's latest MMPR animated short after the cut.