Tomorrow is Halloween, and while spooky scares and gigantic piles of candy are always fun, you should also take care to have a safe time if you're heading out trick-or-treating. I mean, you never know when your Halloween could be interrupted by, say, a humanoid pumpkin who will try to distract you with his clever raps and rhymes.

That, at least, is the usual problem faced by the Power Rangers on Halloween, but it seems that they're also pretty worried about more common problems, like making sure you don't get lost and that your costume is visible even in the dark. To that end, the cast of Dino Charge are here with some safety tips on how you can have a safe and happy Halloween --- and how that also involves buying official Power Rangers merchandise.



Okay, no joke: The fact that their very first safety tip involves junking those skeleton and witch costumes and instead dressing up in Official Licensed Power Rangers Dino Charge gear is such a gutsy move that I love it without even a trace of irony. But that's only one of the many amazing things about this video.

There's also the fact that it's set in a dinosaur museum, which, when you think about it, is full of skeletons and reminders that even the greatest and most fearsome creatures can be brought low by time and the threat of global extinction, a slightly more Lovecraftian brand of terror than you usually get from things directed at nine year-olds. Also, they're appearing in full costumes, as the Power Rangers, but without their helmets. If those kids are regulars at the Dino Museum, then they're gonna recognize you from the cafeteria! Ah well, I suppose they're trustworthy.

Seriously though, there's good tips in here for the kids. Have a safe Halloween, everybody!

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