Power Rangers Samurai fans have had two video game options to help themselves to in Apple's App Store for more than a year, but to celebrate the 25th anniversary of localizing Japan's Super Sentai shows, Saban Brands is getting comprehensive by including its Mighty Morphin team and more in the new Power Rangers Legends. Currently free for an unspecified amount of time on iTunes, Legends lets fans play as either the MMPR Green or Pink Rangers in a battle against elemental Putties, Goldar and Lord Zed before advancing to Super Samurai and Lost Galaxy themed levels with their own protagonists and alien threats.

After completing those three adventures, players can expect "more Power Rangers and enemies from different generations!" according to the official app listing. Yeah, it's a simple swipe-and-slash game that fans of the Infinity Blade series and a plethora of other titles (including last year's Power Rangers Samurai Steel) will find familiar -- right down to all the potential in-app purchases that make upgrading your hero of choice just a matter of moolah if you're impatient -- but it's nonetheless fairly Morphenomenal. You can scope out stills from Power Rangers Legends below.



[Via iTunes]

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