After several attempts to get a TV show based on Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's comic series Powers off the ground at FX, Sony Pictures TV has announced it will launch the show on the PlayStation video game console.

There's no official, set date for when the series will start. It also isn't clear whether it will follow the Netflix model of all the season's episodes going up at once, or if the new series will at all resemble the pilot on which FX passed in 2012. The season will reportedly be 10 episodes.

Deadline did report that Sony has tapped horror author and comics Charlie Huston to write the new pilot. Production company Circle of Confusion will remain involved as well. Huston and Remi Abuchon (Falling Skies) will serve as showrunners, while Bendis, Oeming, Michael Dinner, David Engel, David Alpert and Lawrence Mattis will be credited as executive producers.

Powers, which puts a crime-procedural spin on the superhero genre, got its start at Image Comics in 2000, but moved to Marvel's Icon line in 2004, where the current series, Powers Bureau, is still being published.

Premiering a TV show on a video game console sounds a little odd, but Sony's actually following in the footsteps of its archrival Microsoft in that department. It has announced a TV series based on the video game franchise Halo for its Xbox systems, though it doesn't have a start date yet, either.



[Via Deadline]

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