We generally try to shy away from casting rumors in favor of casting announcements at ComicsAlliance -- preferring to report things that are, rather than things that will probably never be -- but occasionally a rumor is so good it doesn't matter if it's mental fanfiction, and this is one: Katee Sackhoff wants to try out for the role of Detective Deena Pilgrim in the new FX television series Powers, based on the hardboiled crime comic by Brian Bendis and Michael Oeming about street level cops in a world of superheroes and villains.Sackhoff recently commented on her Twitter account that she has already been in talks about playing the role, and was waiting for the show to get the green light. And as we learned yesterday, the green light has been given and the show is go.

Fans of Sackhoff in her role as Kara Thrace (a.k.a. Starbuck) on the Syfy Channel series Battlestar Galactica may note the similarities between the two characters: both strong, aggressive women kicking butt in traditionally male environments, both foul-mouthed and deliberately challenging, and at least towards the latter end of Powers, both profoundly and irresistibly screwed up head cases in death spirals towards the point of no return.

Sackhoff bears more than a little physical resemblance to the blond, athletic Detective Pilgrim, and has already proved she has the range to carry off both the fast-paced sass the Bendis comic is known for and the hairpin turn that Pilgrim takes to a very dark place involving an incinerator during the ninth volume, Psychotic.

Would you be psyched to see Starback step in as the female lead of Powers?

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