AMC’s Preacher may not have made many Best of 2016 lists, but the second season might turn things around for Jesse, Tulip and Custer, as the unholy trio hits the road of their namesake comics. Creator-director Seth Rogen is ready as well, sharing the first production tease as Season 2 prepares to go before cameras.

Rogen shared a brief tease of Preacher Season 2 production to come, confirming both he and partner Evan Goldberg will return to direct the Season 2 premiere. The script also gives us an appropriate return title, as the search for God finally puts the lead characters “On The Road.”

Elsewhere of Preacher Season 2, we know that the first season finale more or less wiped the slate clean, destroying the town of Annville, Texas, and with it Odin Quincannon (Jackie Earle Haley), Sheriff Root (W. Earl Brown), Donnie Schenck (Derek Wilson), and Emily (Lucy Griffiths). Eugene “Arseface” Root was theoretically spared, while Season 2 will also continue on with Graham McTavish’s “Saint of Killers,” and the as-yet-uncast Herr Starr.

We’ll surely hear more of the thirteen-episode Preacher Season 2 production in the coming weeks, but what should we expect from its “On The Road” focus? Who will wind up taking the role of our new big bad?


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