As Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz's Spider-Girl Mayday Parker prepares to take her final bow (for now) in August 25's "Spider-Girl: The End!" #1, Marvel Comics has provided ComicsAlliance with an exclusive first look at the conclusion of a storyline more than a decade in the making.

From her first appearance in the 1998 issue of "What If" #105, fan-demand saw Mayday Parker grow from superhero newbie to a reserve member of her timeline's Avengers and an all-around web-slinging veteran. We've got pages from the landmark issues after the jump. How will her story conclude? Marvel's official synopsis teases Spider-Girl's ultimate fate:

THIS IS IT! In a story spanning the history of the MC2 Universe, witness the battle you've been waiting for as Mayday Parker takes on her own clone, April! The fate of the Parker family hangs in the balance -- and so does an entire universe! The last stand of the Amazing Spider-Girl is here!

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